Archive of October 2020

an idea for Pak'n Save users to save fuel cost

PknSave fuel voucher is often wasted by their members because their tank is full before it expires automatically. So the idea is, we can share the fuel vouchers through a mobile app.

  1. If it is big enough, you print a voucher whatever you need or not.
  2. If you don't need to fuel your car, post this voucher on our app and set the amount with expire time.
  3. If you need fuel for your car but have not a voucher, open the app and try to find an unused one. When you decide to use it, you booked it so other people cannot use it anymore. If you eventually didn't use it, put it back into the voucher pool.

Sounds great? Let's do it. If you want to contribute to this side project, contact me with [email protected]