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Approval Testing is tasty

Just record a few tips here:

[UseApprovalSubdirectory("Approvals")] can be used to set up the directory that saves the approval results.

It can be used for a test class or a test method.


ApprovalTests.Net Project

An awesome entry to better code: The gilded rose kata

For some reason, I was told an interesting github repo, The Gilded Rose Kata. It really grasps my attention. The code's behavior is correct, but both code quality and code style are terrible. The author of the repo made it so bad on purpose. So it is the best material to teach newbies how to refactor.

From the Readme file of the repo, I learnt some new tools, one is the text based approval test. I actually know that concept before many years ago, but never practiced it. I just found it is easy to setup and easy to run. It tests your code from a new angle. I believe it could belong to a kind of greybox test. You need to know the code to test, but you don't know too much like other unit test methods.

I have done the refactoring, and my result has been put on

  1. first approach is on the main branch
  2. a better approach is on the other branch

Here are some good links, and I would update it timely.

Writing good tests for the gilded rose kata
Principles for agile test automation
The gilded rose refactoring kata
How to refactor gildedrose refactoring kata with simple factory pattern and strategy pattern

Fix swagger stuck on extend an API: How to configure Swashbuckle to ignore property on model


I found the root cause is that the JSON generated by swagger is too large: Swagger outputs over 18000 lines for that API! Further research told me that two property fields contribute about 17000 lines. So how to configure swagger to ignore these two properties is the key. After googling a while, I found VeganHunter's answer in this thread Reference is the simplest.

Solution for .NET Core 3.1 and .NET Standard 2.1:

Use JsonIgnore from System.Text.Json.Serialization namespace.

( JsonIgnore from Newtonsoft.Json will NOT work )

public class Test
    public int HiddenProperty { get; set; }
    public int VisibleProperty { get; set; }

Hope it could also help someone else. 😀

A tricky issue about [getImageInfo:fail image not found] painter component for WeChat Miniprogram

I heard my colleague Joe met a tricky bug this morning and he has no idea about it. After a brief google, I found it's a rather famous one. So many people met this issue and most of them haven't got an answer.

So I dug it deeper and found a clue that locates at

and eventually, I found my solution. I shared it at

PS: there's a common phenomenon among developers in China. Someone asks a question, and many people replyed they have met the same issue. But, no answers. I don't think all of them haven't found out their answer. People are interested in asking questions but have less interest to answer, even they finally got a valuable answer. It's a shame. I won't be that kind of person.

Don't simple unset them afterward when using `shopt` change a setting

Sometimes we need to run shopt -s dotglob nullglob before moving files including dotfiles. So there's another question, do we need to set it back afterward? The most correct answer is

It's usually not clear if either dotglob or nullglob were already set before running shopt -s to set them. Thus, blindly un-setting them may not be the proper reset to do. Setting them in a subshell would leave the current shell's settings unchanged:

( shopt -s dotglob nullglob; mv ~/public/* ~/public_html/ )

Reference: Jeff Schaller's answer under this question