About me

Hi there, I am David.


Be positive, and always embrace changes

Computer things

  • I am experienced in C#/PHP/Javascript, which means I have been working on many projects using these languages. I am familiar with Python/Delphi/Java, which means I know their syntax very well, and have done some tiny projects with them. I also write scripts in Bash scripts that help me out from boring repetitive tasks.
  • I know SVN very well, but Git is my favorite VCS tool.
  • I love docker, if a service can be deployed by docker-compose, I would like to deploy it that way.
  • I find myself writing more and more back-end code using node.js
  • I am the Chinese Translator of three programming books, which are:
    • Pro PHP and jQuery (深入PHP与jQuery开发)
    • Pro jQuery (2nd) (精通 jQuery)
    • Smashing jQuery (精彩绝伦的jQuery)
  • I am also the technical Reviewer / Proofreader of the classic Javascript book "DOM Scripting" (Javascript DOM编程艺术第二版), I paid a lot of effort on these books, and I am happy that they have helped so many web developers. Reference


  • ytabc.com I am currently working on this cross-border e-commerce platform as a full stack developer. The backend of this project is using .NET Core 3.1 and the front-end of the project is using Vue.js.
  • corpus.shukebeta.com This small project is actually an one PHP file project, but it's really useful for learning new words. You could easily find sample sentences for a specific word or phrase in English or Chinese in seconds. show me the code

About me

  • I love straightforward communication, and hate wasting time.
  • Sometimes I think I am still a boy, though I am already a father of two boys.
  • I love playing Ingress game, hiking, and camping in my spare time.
  • I hold a post-study work visa that expires Feb. 2022, so I have the right work for any employer in New Zealand.
  • I’m currently on the search for new opportunities and would love to collaborate.

This Readme.md page is inspired by Queensfeery