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Solved: XPS 15 on Pop OS 20.04 gui got stuck after updating firmware

Previously, I have updated the firmware several times, so when I saw there's a new update, I clicked the "Update" button without too much thoughts. Yes, I got trouble this time. I got a black screen while the system is not dead. I can log into the system by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F2, no gui, but I can do something to fix it. It is good enough. I searched on my cellphone to try find something. And the following article helped me.

System76 login-loop-pop

In my case, I guess that the root cause could be the nvidia driver, so I followed the [Reinstall NVIDIA Driver] section in that article and it did save my life.

# remove current driver
sudo apt purge ~nnvidia
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean
# reinstall it
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install system76-driver-nvidia

In case someone else got trapped into the same situation, I wrote my solution here and hope it helps.

PopOS/Ubuntu 20.04 fcitx-rime setup

By my recommendation, my new workmate He (贺) moved to Ubuntu from windows, and he was annoyed of one thing: cannot input Chinese. And I have to google again to find out the answer. This is why I wrote this list for him like people and myself.

sudo apt install fcitx fcitx-rime
im-config  # and select fcitx as the input engine
sudo reboot # important!
fcitx-configtool # choose the correct input method you need

A simple nfs server on centos

At the server end

choose a server as the nfs-server, do things below in root role

dnf -y install nfs-utils
mkdir /mnt/nfs-share
chown -R nobody /mnt/nfs-share/

vim /etc/exports
add a line
save and exit

systemctl enable nfs-server
systemctl start nfs-server

At the client end

dnf -y install nfs-utils
mkdir /mnt/nfs-local
chown -R nobody /mnt/nfs-local/

vim /etc/hosts
add a line, replace to the IP addr of your NFS server

vim /etc/fstab
add a line
nfs-server:/mnt/nfs-share  /mnt/nfs-local   nfs defaults   0 0
save and exit
mount -a # to confirm what you have done is right

other utils:

You could use showmount -e to get a share list from the nfs server.

fameshot: a better screenshot tool with editing support for ubuntu


How to install certbot on CentOS8

The biggest problem you faced is actually the following one

and the article above answers the question very well.

certbot certos