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Rider Terminal tips

  1. Stop Leaving the Terminal when you press the Escape key. It is really annoying when you are a vim fan like me! here's the solution

    Go to "Settings | Tools | Terminal" and click "Configure terminal keybindings".
    Find "Plug-ins | Terminal | Switch Focus To Editor" action and change its keyboard shortcut (by default "Escape") via the context menu.
    Keybindings are IDE-wide, so there is no need to change them for each project.

  2. Using msys2 bash as the embedded terminal: at Settings > Tools > Terminal
    Environment Variables: CHERE_INVOKING=1
    Shell path: c:\msys64\usr\bin\bash.exe --login

    Unfortunately, the environment variables above work only on the current project; It is definitely a tedious process that you have to repeatedly set it up for every project. So I eventually found a better way to achieve the same goal without setting up the Environment variables in Rider. Here is the answer Reference:

    Shell path:  C:\msys64\msys2_shell.cmd -defterm -here -no-start