Virtualbox MacOS VM setup / setup Rime/Squirrel input method (鼠须管) on macOS

  1. I successfully ran macOS High Sierra on my Ubuntu 18.04 laptop through VirtualBox. VirtualBox is great ! This article helps!
  2. Install Rime on macOS in five minutes
    1. download the zip file from latest release from the Tags page on GitHUB
    2. unzip the file and install the pkg file
    3. go to to get the wubi package.
git clone
cd plum
bash rime-install wubi pinyin-simp

The last step, is creating a default.custom.yaml file and putting it in ~/Library/Rime directory.

the content in my default.custom.yaml is

    - schema: wubi_pinyin
    - schema: pinyin_simp