How to use vim macro to speed up your complex find/replace operations in vim / ideavim

Yesterday, I need to replace a string ClassName with List<ClassName> many times in a few files, and the ClassName varies. Manually doing it again and again is tedious and mistake prone, which is what I hate. Here's the solution

First, record a macro,

  1. move cursor on any letter of the target ClassName
  2. qa
  3. ysiw>
  4. Insert
  5. List
  6. Esc
  7. q

Second, replay the macro, move cursor to another occurrence of ClassName,


Third, replay the same macro as many times as you want: move cursor to any other occurrences, simply type


The feeling is so good to let a computer do what you want it to do!

and here's the Reference where I learnt how to use vim macro. TL;DR;