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A tricky issue about [getImageInfo:fail image not found] painter component for WeChat Miniprogram

I heard my colleague Joe met a tricky bug this morning and he has no idea about it. After a brief google, I found it's a rather famous one. So many people met this issue and most of them haven't got an answer.

So I dug it deeper and found a clue that locates at

and eventually, I found my solution. I shared it at

PS: there's a common phenomenon among developers in China. Someone asks a question, and many people replyed they have met the same issue. But, no answers. I don't think all of them haven't found out their answer. People are interested in asking questions but have less interest to answer, even they finally got a valuable answer. It's a shame. I won't be that kind of person.

微信浏览器内H5活动页调起小程序, 服务器端开发备忘

  1. 公众平台设置H5静态页服务器IP白名单
  2. 上传验证文件到根目录(一定要先做好这一步才能做下一步啊
  3. 公众平台设置域名白名单
  4. 服务器端配置公众平台 appId, appSecret
  5. 缓存针对此appId的 accessToken 和 jsapi_ticket
  6. 服务器端生成签名.....参数一定要按字典序!(坑)