Using dconf-editor to setup extra hot keys for the Gnome 3 desktop

The keyboard shortcuts setting in the Settings app can only support 4 workspaces. However, I want to use 8 workspaces to implement the goal of "everything in its right place". Solution:

sudo apt install dconf-editor

# Then you can do what you want to do there


By the way, my final configuration is shown below:

Ctrl + 1-8 Switch to workspace 1-8
Ctrl+Alt+1-8 Move current window to workspace 1-8 and jump to that workspace

  • Workspace 1: Chrome
  • Workspace 2: Gnome-terminal
  • Workspace 3: Rider
  • Workspace 4: WebStorm
  • Workspace 5: Ebook reader (Evince and others)
  • Workspace 6: File Manager, BitTorrent downloader,
  • Workspace 7: VMs
  • Workspace 8: Settings, Telegram, music player, misc.