English Learning Memo 1

My boss sent a message in our office channel, which said she was WFH today, as "she have a bloke coming round to fix the garage door".

BLOKE is a new word to me. so I learned this word today.

Other learnings

  • "得不偿失" in English can be translated as "not worth the loss" or "the gains do not justify the losses."
  • "蒜苔" in English is "garlic scape" or simply "garlic shoots."
  • "In and out promotion" 广告术语中指的是一种快速进行的促销活动,通常是短期的、迅速产生效果的宣传推广。这可能包括限时折扣、特价促销等手段,旨在迅速吸引顾客。
  • Every so often it'd rain. “Every so often"是固定搭配,表示“偶尔”或者“时不时的”。
  • My brother loved playing tag. 这句里的 tag 指的是一种游戏,即“追逐游戏”。通常几个人一起玩,其中一个人被标记 (tag)为追逐者,其他人则努力躲避追击者,避免被他/她触及到。