Chromebook / Macbook Pro (mid 2010) setup xubuntu 22.04 note

  1. Download xubuntu 22.04 iso
  2. insert usb stick
  3. sudo fdisk -l to check usb stick device name /dev/sdx
  4. Make a bootable usb drive by running
    • dd if=xubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdx bs=1M status=progress
  5. booting from the usb stick and install
  6. Booting into recovery and disable Journal feature if you use a SDCard as your hard disk (important!)
  7. Adding noatime option to disk partitions to improve performance & save your disk's life
  8. Changing font size to 11
  9. Setting the touchpad: disable touchpad while typing
  10. Installing the following packages (use wired network)
    1. sudo apt install firmware-b43-installer curl git vim htop autojump ncdu fonts-inconsolata fonts-ricty-diminished fcitx fcitx-rime
    2. fc-cache -f -v # let new fonts available immediately for applications
    3. install tailscale
    4. install brave browser # the fastest browser on low memory laptop
    5. install neofetch
    6. install Rider Rider can run but it runs so slowly on this aged laptop.
    7. rustdesk