Conquering GitHub with Your Keyboard: The Power of "gh"

Tired of that browser tab switcheroo just to manage your GitHub tasks? Enter "gh", the command-line superhero that streamlines your workflow.

Why "gh" Rocks

For us command-line ninjas, "gh" is a game-changer. Ditch the endless tab dance! Create a pull request, find yours, it's all right there in your terminal.

Gettin' Started with "gh"

Installation's a breeze, no matter your OS:

  • Windows: Chocolatey to the rescue! Run choco install gh in your command prompt.
  • Linux: Package manager to the rescue! For Ubuntu/Debian, use sudo apt install gh.
  • macOS: Homebrew's your friend. Just run brew install gh in your terminal.

"gh" Setup: Simple as Can Be

Windows users might need to add gh.exe to their PATH for easy access, but Linux and macOS users can just dive right in. No extra setup, just pure productivity.

Exploring "gh"'s Awesomeness

Ready to unleash the power? Here's a taste:

  • See Your Pull Requests: gh pr view keeps you in the loop, no browser needed.
  • Create Pull Requests in a Flash: gh pr create gets things rolling directly from your terminal.

These are just a peek – "gh" has tons more to offer. Explore the docs and discover features that fit your workflow perfectly.

The Verdict

In our time-crunched world, tools like "gh" are golden. By harnessing the command line, you can streamline your GitHub tasks and focus on the real prize: killer code. Give "gh" a try and see how it transforms your development game!