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Obsidian + GitHub private Repo solution on All platforms

I have heard that Obsidian is a powerful note-taking application that can serve as "your second brain." However, when I tried it previously, I did not find its user experience to be satisfactory. Nevertheless, I decided to give it another try. Although this solution is free, it spent me at least a few hours before I get it. TLDR; here's the steps:

  1. Create a private repository obsidian_notes on to store your notes.
  2. Create a classic personal access token on for the obsidian git plugin as it dosn't support the git protocol on Mobile devices.
  3. Install Obsidian and Obsidian Git plugin on every platform you want to use
  4. Install iSH application on your iPhone/iPad, and run the following command in the iSH shell
    1. apk add git
    2. adduser -h /home/david david (Surely you can choose your preferred name)
    3. su - david
    4. git clone (you will need the personal access token at this step)
  5. Open the Obsidian app on your iPhone/iPad, create a new Vault with any name. (no worries, we will remove it shortly)
  6. Open the Files app and find yourNotesRepo directory, copy it to the clipboard,
    1. Find your Obsidian directory which holds your newly created vault and paste yourNotesRepo directory here
    2. Remove the newly created vault directory

Yes. That's it. If you meet any problems when you follow my steps, feel free to leave a comment here, or contact me at