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Seafile server configuration on CentOS 8

I am using the docker-compose version. The first problem I met was none of Seafile's concerns, it is actually a bug of docker. All of the containers cannot reach the internet (cannot resolve any DNS). The solution is at here.

After fixed the issue above, the Seafile server runs well on centos. However, there are still two issues that need to be addressed.

The first one is about the head icon of a user. It simply cannot display. You can easily found that the host part of the head icon is wrong. You need to edit "shared/seafile/conf/ccnet.conf" and change the SERVICE_URL to your real hostname in the [General] section.

The second one is similar, if you don't fix it, you cannot download any of the file you uploaded. This time, you need to edit "shared/seafile/conf/" and change the last line to "".