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观影 灰猎犬号 "GREY HOUND"


本周二?晚间和 Eric 在看tv上慕名看了电影 GREY HOUND。有中文字幕,顺便练练英语听力。怎么说呢,可能是期望值太高的原因,并未感觉到这个片子有特别出彩的地方。想吐槽的地方倒有几个。

  1. 整个片子舰长的戏份多得惊人了。简直是中国版劳模一个。给他做饭也不吃。动不动你们退下我来指挥。
  2. 短时间整三次德军潜艇使用船队通讯通道恐吓船队的桥段。
  3. 潜艇几次近距离浮上来当靶子。

Eric 倒觉得这个片子蛮不错的,他觉得很真实。那我也说说它好的地方吧

  1. 蛮惊险的,几次靠舰艇快速转向成功躲开鱼雷攻击。
  2. 舰长心理活动刻划比较真实,要救人,又要护船队。
  3. 敌狼头潜艇确实很聪明,有勇有谋。

A bash script to keep two git branch identical.


git push
currentbranch=`git branch --show-current`
if [ "${currentbranch}" == "local" ]; then
   git checkout develop
   git merge local
   git push
elif [ "${currentbranch}" == "develop" ]; then
   git checkout local
   git merge develop
   git push
git checkout $currentbranch

Don't ask why I wrote this foolish script. I have to do it 😀

Using the cookie feature in Insomnia Core

It took me more than an hour to understand how to use cookies when you are sending a request to the API server.

The most important thing is that you only need to correctly add the cookies, then the cookies will be automatically sent to the API server. Don't try to add a cookie item at the headers' configuration part!

vim 命令模式粘贴寄存器中复制好的内容:先Ctrl+R,再输入寄存器名字。默认寄存器名字是 "

vim 命令模式粘贴寄存器中复制好的内容:先Ctrl+R,再输入寄存器名字。默认寄存器名字是 "

Attention: the first definition is used when you have more than one same host label in your .ssh/config file

I originally thought the later should be used. I was wrong.