"Wind River" is a great movie


I watched the movie yesterday morning on my own. It's a moving movie, and it's great! The reason to choose this movie is this tweet. I always have the interest in the Indian people in America. They are kind of our Asian's relatives, aren't they?

Three things made me love this movie.

  • The plot, no preachment, just a story.
  • The hunter, he is a great father!
  • The mountains and the snow everywhere.

Indian people deserve a better treatment.

Solved: XPS 15 on Pop OS 20.04 gui got stuck after updating firmware

Previously, I have updated the firmware several times, so when I saw there's a new update, I clicked the "Update" button without too much thoughts. Yes, I got trouble this time. I got a black screen while the system is not dead. I can log into the system by pressing Alt+Ctrl+F2, no gui, but I can do something to fix it. It is good enough. I searched on my cellphone to try find something. And the following article helped me.

System76 login-loop-pop

In my case, I guess that the root cause could be the nvidia driver, so I followed the [Reinstall NVIDIA Driver] section in that article and it did save my life.

# remove current driver
sudo apt purge ~nnvidia
sudo apt autoremove
sudo apt clean
# reinstall it
sudo apt update
sudo apt full-upgrade
sudo apt install system76-driver-nvidia

In case someone else got trapped into the same situation, I wrote my solution here and hope it helps.

The Truman Show


Eric and I watched the film tonight. He said it's so so. Obviously, he didn't see the profound meaning in the film. That's ok, after all, he is only 14 years old. I love this film. It always reminds people to question your current situation, and encourages people to get a change.

PopOS/Ubuntu 20.04 fcitx-rime setup

By my recommendation, my new workmate He (贺) moved to Ubuntu from windows, and he was annoyed of one thing: cannot input Chinese. And I have to google again to find out the answer. This is why I wrote this list for him like people and myself.

sudo apt install fcitx fcitx-rime
im-config  # and select fcitx as the input engine
sudo reboot # important!
fcitx-configtool # choose the correct input method you need

书摘 《半生为人》



2014-12-20 18:12:12 这一切都始于那个周日的午后,始于偶然回首的一瞬间他那冷峻而若有所思的样子对一个女孩儿的触动。

2014-12-20 18:13:34 赶二十里路用饭盒带粥,这样的事恐怕只有他才做得出来。 注: 此言差矣。沉浸在爱情中的小年轻,什么都做得出来。

2014-12-20 18:15:37 他们有时候海阔天空,国事家事天下事无所不谈;有时候话又很少,可贵在于“一切尽在不言中”的默契。

2014-12-20 18:45:57 现在我们上哪里去寻找当年的圆明园、丁家滩、十渡,又怎样才能促成当年那种背着瓶啤酒,带着干面包,在野外玩儿童年时的游戏的郊游呢?

2014-12-20 18:48:15 上午参加一个朋友的婚礼,我为他高兴,可是晚上回到家里又得知另外一个朋友被判处死刑,我的心情是可想而知的。然而,又能怎样,这就是生活。